Discover the beauty of Nature's Places - The Book

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If you're planning to attend one of Rod Planck's seminars or workshops - or have attended one in the past - this book will be especially meaningful. Nature's Places is not only a portfolio of some of Rod's finest work (82 images in all), but an album celebrating nature's magic moments. As you leaf through this book, you'll share in Rod's excitement as he witnesses the return of the first mallard... a singular red maple leaf in autumn... and countless other happenings that mark the essence of our world. Shutterbug magazine put it this way: "Mr. Planck's subjects range from grand spacious landscape to tiny jumping spiders, with an obvious affinity for them all." Rod invites you to marvel with him at the many wonders which surround us. Images are accompanied by text written by naturalist Bert C. Ebbers plus a description of the photographic equipment and technique used for each particular photo.

To the photographer, this book is a valuable reference and motivational tool. To the nature enthusiast, it is a constant reminder of our need to learn to live as part of nature, rather than apart from it. Nature's Places makes a beautiful gift.

Yellow Evening Primrose, page 35
Yellow Evening 
Primrose, page 35
Twilight, Old Woman Bay, pages 42-43
Twilight, Old Woman Bay,
pages 42-43
Great Gray Owl, page 64
Great Gray Owl,
page 64