N-VISIBAG Photography Blind


N-VISIBAG Photography Blind (Extended Back-order)
Become invisible in the field with the N-VISIBAG Blind. Rod Planck's innovative design offers unparalleled advantages for wildlife photography and for observing nature. The N-VISIBAG is constructed of a durable cotton fabric selected to give years of service in the field. Field tests have proven the fabric breathable under all conditions. The Realtree Timber pattern blends with most habitats, and is excellent for all-season use.

The N-VISIBAG Blind can be used while lying, sitting or standing. Compact enough to carry anywhere, it has no internal or external frames - eliminating the extra weight, bulk and set-up time common to most other blinds. The roomy design allows freedom of movement without alarming wildlife, making it a pleasure to use. Matching carrying bag included.

N-VISIBAG Photography Blind Features:
Roomy design
Breathable fabric
Large screened view port
Fits telephoto lenses up to 600mm
N-VISIBAG Photography Blind

N-VISIBAG BLIND...........$149.00 (MI residents only--add $8.94 Sales Tax)  Postage Included