Workshops & Tours

Detailed Overview

We offer three types of nature photography field experiences.

Each is suitable for digital photographers. All place emphasis on ethical field techniques that will help you make the beautiful photographs you desire, consistently. These sessions will teach you how to make exquisitely composed and technically sound photographs while in the field.

In addition, in workshops, Rod will share some aspects of his digital workflow (editing and processing RAW Captures).

Choose which of these three types of program fits your needs:

Standard Workshops

A unique blend of classroom instruction enhanced with numerous instructional photographic field trips.

Standard workshops always provide a generous amount of instruction on many facets of nature photography. They are appropriate for photographers of all skill levels from beginning through advanced and are an excellent and recommended choice for first time attendees.

Standard workshop participants should arrive with a basic understanding of photographic fundamentals and be familiar with their camera body, though the small group size will allow for individual instruction on these topics if necessary.

In addition to instructional programs and photographic field trips, group critique sessions (digital captures or prints) are conducted.

Advanced Workshops

For the photographer with a clear understanding of photographic fundaments and a thorough familiarity with their camera system.

Advanced Workshops concentrate on the more complex aspects of nature photography. As in the Standard Workshops, the emphasis is on instruction, with slightly more time spent in the field. Such topics as advanced metering and creativity are discussed in depth.

The small group size allows for individual guidance to take your photography to a higher level.

In addition to instructional programs, lectures and photographic field trips, group critique sessions (digital captures or prints) are conducted.

(Note: While not mandatory, we recommend taking a Standard Workshop from us before taking an Advanced Workshop. Please call our office if you need help deciding if an advance workshop is appropriate for you.)


For advanced photographers seeking an experience with less instruction and more time in the field.

Tours are open to alumni and non-alumni alike. Tours are primarily a field experience. Depending on the location, there is little or no classroom instruction and sometimes there is no group critique session. They do include a generous amount of instruction in the field for those who desire it.

Photographers interested in taking a tour would benefit from having a clear understanding of photographic fundamentals and a thorough knowledge of their camera system as it relates to their photographic goals.